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Age categories

The determination of the age category for the Hip Hop Days Holland 2020 is based on the year of birth of the dancer(s):
Adults : born in 2003 or earlier
Juniors : born in 2004, 2005, 2006, or 2007 (groups and formations only)
Juniors 1 : born in 2006 or 2007 (solos and duos only)
Juniors 2 : born in 2004 or 2005 (solos and duos only)
Children : born in 2008 or later
Mini Kids : born in 2013 or later (solos only)
Note : for duos whose 2 dancers belong to different age categories, the mutual age difference may not exceed 2 years.


The nearest airport is Eindhoven Airport. 10 minutes by car and 40 minutes by public transport.

Classes / levels

Enrollment is possible for several classes / levels. The classes / levels are PreChamps, Master, and Star.
PreChamps = for beginners only
Master = for advanced dancers and dansers at international level when there is no Star class in the specific category
Star = for dancers at international level

Be sure to be enrolled in the right class!

Dance Floor

There are three or four floors for solo/duo and small groups.
There is one floor for formations.
For formations: enter from the back and leave the dancefloor to the left side (seen from spectator’s view).

Dance Time

All dancers, please be sure you are ready at least 90 minutes prior to the announced or scheduled start of your competition. There might be changes. The moderators are calling the dancers one time. Afterwards the round will start/continue. The missing dancers cannot dance later or afterwards. So be in time!


All dancers who have not reached the next round receive a diploma with their ranking place latest 90 minutes after the end of the round. The diplomas are to be collected by a team-captain only at the check-in/information desk. Finalists will receive their diplomas at the winner’s ceremony.


Our DJ is Dan Castel. (www.YeppYepp.de).

First Aid

First aid is at the dance floor for any help and assistance. If one of your dancers has any problem, please do not hesitate to contact them directly.
If an accident has happened they may bring the injured person to the hospital. Please be aware, that this will create expenses, which must be covered by a valid health insurance.


The restaurant in Indoor Sportcentrum Eindhoven will serve food for dancers and other guests. You can check the menu at the entrance of the restaurant.


Indoor Sportcentrum is in the south of Eindhoven and is central in the Benelux. Eindhoven airport is nearby. 10 minutes by car and 40 minutes by public transport.
Indoor Sportcentrum Eindhoven is near to the highway A2/N2. Take diversion 33 and follow ‘Genneper Parken and Indoor-sportcentrum’. There is enough free parking space (1500) in walking distance.
The address is: Indoor Sportcentrum Eindhoven, Theo Koomenlaan 1, Eindhoven.

Hip Hop Days Holland-wear

Get you own Hip Hop Days Holland wear! See the stand in the front entrance and/or ring in the hall.

Invitation letter

The following rules apply to all non-Dutch participants who need an invitation letter to obtain a visa for visiting the Netherlands:
  1. First, register your dancers for the competition.
  2. After registration, at our request, send us a copy of the passport or other valid proof of identity of each dancer.
Only after registration and receipt of the necessary documentation, an invitation letter will be sent to you.
The personal documentation sent will be handled according to our privacy rules.

Judges Meeting

Saturday 25th and/or Sunday 26th January according to time-schedule in the Press room. Announce yourself at the check-in/information desk.


The official language of the IDO is English. Therefore, the whole event will be conducted mainly in the English language.

Lost and Found

At the check-in/information desk.
After the competition: contact the hall; +31 40 2381437 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Our moderators are Ronald Bartela from The Netherlands and Thomas Püttmann-Lentz from Germany.


Please note that in The Netherlands only Euro (€) are accepted. There is no ATM inside or nearby Indoor Sportcentrum Eindhoven.


Upload of own music through the website of Dutch Dance Sports. The contact of each formation will receive the necessary information.
The music will be checked for length. The final responsibility for the music stays with the coach. Swearing and discriminating words are not allowed.


Supervisor: Carsten Rott, Germany
Chairperson of judges: Mariz, The Netherlands
Scrutineer: Ger Lauwers, The Netherlands

Opening of the doors

According time schedule.


There is enough free parking space (1500) in walking distance.
The parking next to the venue can only be used by holders of a reserved VIP parking-ticket.


For registration / enrollment, overview of disciplines/categories, status of enrollments, starting lists and timetable, see this page on www.dutchdancesports.com.


Will be published on the website of Dutch Dance Sports as well as on this website.


For the fair treatment of everybody participating, theft or damage will be reported to the police immediately to take action.

Solos and Duos

Solos and Duos dance to organizers music with a length of 1:00 minute. A round consists of a big series (1), followed by series (2) and ends with another big series (3). So this 3 times of 1 minute dancing.
From the second round onwards, the first big serie is skipped.

Team Captains

Please inform us with the team captain for foreign dancers (1 per country). Please share email and phone number with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
There will be space available for these captains in front of the dancefloor. Also, we will coordinate with this team captain the parking spaces in the reserved parking next to the venue for the other captains.

Tickets for dancers

Dancers pay € 10,00 per category. Payments must be made by the team captain/dance school before the competition by bank account. All information about payment and bank account will be send out after enrollment.
By entering the competition, dancers automatically receive a banderole for entrance. So, don’t buy your tickets online or at the doors!! Only team captains can collect these banderoles after payment.
The check-in/information desk will be opened Friday from 19:00 – 21:00 hours and during both competition days.
Everybody MUST have a banderole to enter the hall.

Tickets for guests and supporters

E-Tickets can be bought through presales until January 23, 23:59 hrs..
Please print out your e-ticket. On the competition day the ticket will be scanned and you will receive a banderole.
You can also buy your tickets cash at the entrance, but the prices will be slightly higher.
Do you wish to get a ticket for Saturday and Sunday than you will save money by buying a combined-ticket. The banderole you receive on the first day is also for the second day, so don’t take it of your wrist. Everybody MUST have a banderole to enter the hall.

audience *)
at the
Day ticket   € 13,50   € 15,00   € 17,50
Weekend ticket   € 22,50   € 24,00   € 27,50
*) due to creditcard / paypal service costs

Time schedule

The preliminary time schedule can be downloaded here.

Tourist Information Eindhoven



Free WIFI is available.

Winner’s Ceremony

After the final, and according time schedule, there will be presentation of the finalists and the winners. All finalists please be near the dance floor to receive the medals and trophies. We will give out trophies/large medals for all finalists and also medals for top 3 in small groups and formations.
Solo’s and Duo’s will receive their trophies/medals at the podium. Formations will receive their trophies/medals in front of the podium.